Maximize Breakthrough By Leveraging Influencers

The internet is neat!

Using the Rudy theme definitely feels a little like cheating here, but I couldn’t care less. This is an awesome commercial.

Untouchable (by DicksSportingGoods)

I know we have a team in contention this year, but damn I miss Richie and Gags and Carter.

Simon Gagné Game Winning Goal Of Game 7 (May 14 2010) (by Fel0096)

SB Nation YouTube pitch session #37 with Matt and Dan (by sbnation)


—Don't Stop Me Now


Don´t Stop Me Now - Queen 


This is awesome. 

(via helenofdestroy:s-k-e-t-c-h-s)

Feel like this appropriate for today. Getting really excited for baseball, you guys.

Who’s on first? (by Swancourt)

Man, old audition tapes are GOLDEN.

Steve Carell Audition Tape - Anchorman (by StarsInTheEyesBlog)